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Madder natural dye set

 Ideal to start experiencing natural dyeing.
Complete set for dyeing upo to 2 Kg of different fibres and obtain differents shades from the included mordants.


Cellulosic fibres :

(Linen, hemp, ...)

alum mordant
+ carbonate

Madder natural dye & alum on cotton

iron mordant

Madder red dye extract & iron on cotton

Proteic fibres :

(Wool, ...)

alum mordant
Madder plant dye & alum on silk
iron mordant
Rubia extract natural dye & alum on silk

We recommend to read carefully our  "Textile instructions & shade cards" in order to select the mordant and additive corresponding to the expected shade.


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K04-4x50 Kit garanceSt 50 g + mordants 24,00 €
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