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Dyer's broom dye

To dye 300 g to 2 Kg of fibre depending on the fibre
Extract manufactured in France from locally grown plants


Cellulosic fibres :

(Linen, hemp, ...)

alum mordant
+ carbonate*

Dyer´s broom natural dye & alum on cotton

iron mordant

Dyer´s greenwood natural dyestuff & iron on cotton

Proteic fibres :

(Wool, ...)

alum mordant
Dyer´s greenweed natural colour & alum on silk
iron mordant
Dyer´s broom natural color & iron on silk

This natural dye must be used with a mordant alum or iron.
*For cotton, linen, hemp...
: mordant alum + sodium carbonate.
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Ref Designation PU TTC Q  
C05-100 Extrait de genêt 100g 40,80 €
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C05-50 Extrait de genêt 50 g 25,20 €
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C05-500 Extrait de genêt 500 g 171,60 €
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