Couleurs Naturelles
Loisirs créatifs




Our natural colours

Madder lake, weld, lake, natural indigo. Names carrying historical, quality and aestethic values.

A whole range of plant pigments - developed from our dye-plant cultures or selected raw materials -  for all your fine arts, crafts, decoration and design activities.

For fine paints like gouaches, watercolours, oils... For inside decoration to prepare coatings, waxes, glazes, lasures…

We also developed plant inks sets that can be applied directly on canvas, papers and other substrates.

How to use powdered pigments

Couleurs de Plantes pigments can be mixed and formulated with most of natural media or binders as arabic gum, adraganth gum, caseins, dextrins, waxes, oils… and also in synthetic binders (acrylics, vinylics, alkydes …).

They can be used at a level of  0,5 à 10 % in your selected binder; these lakes will be perfect for your own fine watercolours but you can also prepare opaque fine paints by addition of talc, chalck...

It is recommended to grind your colour (on a marble or by crushing on canvas or paper) in order to develop more colour and avoid aggregates.  For gouaches and watercolours, addition of 5 to 10% of glycerin is better. For drying oils, you may add 1% to 2% of drying agent in order to enhance drying of your paint.

If you wish to keep your preparation for a later use, it is recommended to add a (natural) preservative as thyme or rosemary essential oil, clove extract... Just a few drops! A final varnish will help keeping your creation for a long time.

In any case, it is recommended to make a tests on a small surface.


Inks for watercolours and decoration

We did create a set of 5 plant inks 100 % natural from our dye-plant extracts.

These watercolour inks will provide beautiful shades for artists, design or crafts. By mixing these inks, you will create an infinite range of shades.

For best results, use watercolour paper, neutral pH paper, canvas or thick paper (and apply several layers). The inks can be used on any kind of paper but result will depend on pH and absorbance capacity of the paper.

Download - plant watercolours inks shade card Click here


Ecological paints and inside decoration effects

For decoration, our pigments can provide natural and warm shades to create your own natural paintings or coatings (lime or other binders) to apply on walls, furnitures, accessories…

In any case, it is recommended to make a tests on a small surface. 


Make your creativity free to produce infinite shades and effects in natural colour!